Have you heard of sober September & October? Now summer is over drinks on patios, vacations, cook-outs, barbeques, and soirees, many people feel like they need a reset from all the partying. The benefits of going sober for a single month are incredible improved health and well-being there are many tasty alternatives, give Sober September a try!

Check out my top picks of non-alcoholic tipples.

Marks and Spencer

M&S Alcohol Free Rosé

A crisp de-alcoholised rosé with flavours of fresh summer berries, watermelon, and herbs. This fruity wine can be paired with salmon, chicken, and salads. Perfect for parties, this aromatised drink is best served well chilled. Contains not more than 0.05% alcohol.

W: M&S Alcohol Free Rosé

M&S Sauvignon Blanc 0.05%

The alcohol has been removed from this white wine by a gentle process which retains all the vibrant Sauvignon Blanc character. A great alternative to wine for those who do not wish to consume alcohol. Serve well chilled.

I was so excited to try the non-alcohol range the best feeling have a tall glass without a sore head.

W: M&S Sauvignon Blanc

Zero Zilch Zip

Award-winning Zero Zilch Zip launched this year and specialises in the world’s finest low-alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. They have their own ‘Zerologists’ to ensure that every single drink that they stock is the best of the best. Zero Zilch Zip has done all the hard work researching and sampling hundreds of drinks to offer the world’s most carefully curated collection of no-alcohol experiences. The reasons to go alcohol-free, are health, fitness, religion, pregnancy, lifestyle, and liberation. I tried some of the drinks on offer and was not disappointed they all lived up to their promises Zero Zilch Zip is definitely the choice of the world’s finest low low-alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

Mood Fossile Fiorentino

Mood comes from a long and careful selection of grapes capable of standing out and representing the excellence of Made in Italy all over the world.

An alcohol-free wine which stands out for its fresh and balanced taste, enveloping and structured, thanks also to its two-year ageing in oak and concrete barrels.

Fossile Fiorentino is an intense red with garnet reflections. With hints of ripe red fruits, including cherry and blackberry, liquorice and tobacco, accompanied by balsamic notes.

It has excellent structure and an enveloping, fresh and balanced taste. 70% Sangiovese, 15% Merlot, 10% Colorino, 5% Petit Verdot. Aged for two years. 0.0% alcohol, 9kcal and Gluten Free. Served in a distinctive glass bottle with a glass stopper.

W: Mood Fossile

Princess Alternativa 0.0 Bollicine Bianco Dry

Princess Alternativa Bollicine Bianco Dry is a premium non-alcoholic sparkling white wine produced in Italy.

The product has been de-alcoholised after production, which allows the wine to retain the complexity normally associated with alcoholic wine. Displays a rich, straw yellow colour. Exhibits floral aromas with hints of cut grass and honey, Alternativa Bollicine Bianco Dry has a pleasant taste of fine mousse. Enjoy the complexity and fun of sparkling wine with absolutely no alcohol.

W: Princess Alternativa 0.0 Bollicine Bianco Dry

Princess Alternativa 0.0 Bollicine Rosato Extra Dry

Princess Alternativa Bollicine Rosato Extra Dry is a non-alcoholic sparkling rosé wine produced in Italy. The product has been de-alcoholised after production, which allows the wine to retain the complexity normally associated with alcoholic wine. Intense pink colour with aromas of wild berries, Alternativa Bollicine Rosato Extra Dry has a pleasantly sour fine mousse taste. Enjoy the complexity and fun of sparkling wine with absolutely no alcohol.

W: Princess Alternative 0.0 Bollicine Rosato Extra Dry

Princess Hug 0.0 Alternativa

Hug0.0 Alternativa is a non-alcoholic cocktail created as an alternative to the original recipe born in South Tyrol, based on Prosecco with Elderflower syrup.

Hug0.0 is dedicated to those who want to enjoy a cheerful and refreshing aperitif without alcohol. Straw yellow, crystalline and bright colour with a fine bubble. A floral scent with a touch of mint. From Princess in Italy. For an ideal drink it is recommended to serve it with ice and a few fresh mint leaves.

W: Princess Hug 0.0 Alternativia

Seven Bro7hers

Seven Bro7hers the Salford-based brewery is having launched its first ever alcohol-free beer; a hoppy craft ale that it promises doesn’t comprise flavour. Designed for those looking to join all-day drinking without the hangover. T-total is the way forward for your health, well-being, fitness, and lifestyle.



Mocktails have created some of the most incredible Mocktails with the finest ingredients from around the world. Mocktails are giving back and have partnered up with dry January by alcohol change UK, adult non-alcoholic beverage association and Macmillan cancer support helping to support the non-alcoholic journey. I tried the Mocktail variety pack and was pleasantly surprised by the interpretation of non-alcoholic mocktail versions of the classic drinks Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Sangria, Moscow Mule and NEW Espress0% Martini perfect for a coffee lover.

Mocktails produces a range of five alcohol-free cocktails.

Each of the five Mocktails flavours is 100% natural, sustainable, and ethically sourced. They’re also vegan, gluten-free, low in sugar and calories, and, of course, the canned packaging is 100% recyclable too.

1.      Mockarita: A classic with a twist that will take you straight to the beach!
2.      Mockapolitan: Subtle + sophisticated, but not too sweet
3.      Mockscow Mule: Sicilian + Argentinian lemons create the most refreshing of tastes
4.      Sansgria: The French, Italian + Spanish wine grapes will transport you to Sevilla!
5.      NEW Espress0% Martini: a rich indulgence of cold brew espresso with chocolate undertones, and vanilla

Products are available for nationwide delivery from the Mocktails website in packs of 12 cans.

3x Mockarita, 3x Mockscow Mule, 3x Mockapolitan, 3x Sansgria

Under 95 calories or less per 200ml Nitro Can

Non-GMO, No high-fructose corn syrup, No artificial colours or flavours, No preservatives, gluten-free, allergen-free, Vegan

Sophisticated, fun drink for any occasion, delicious as is for an alcohol-free experience. Serve cold over ice.

Mixology-inspired beverages. Premium beverages serve up a better experience.

Uniquely crafted non-alcoholic mocktail versions of the classic drinks: Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Sangria, and Moscow Mule.


W: Caffè Carnivale Espress0% Martini