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I will share with you my journey in Music, Luxury, Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty. 

I have been fortunate to dine and stay at the most Luxurious Restaurants and Hotels, thank you Luxurialifestyle. I attend Fashion Week and Royal Film Premieres.

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Father’s Day 2022

Father's Day is a day to honor fatherhood and paternal bonds. Father’s come in many forms biological, stepfathers, guardians, and many incredible men who are father figures. Fathers deserve to be celebrated they are pillars of society and our homes. Let's also help...

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Jones Family Affair Covent Garden

Beyond excited to be invited for Lunch at The Jones Family Affair Covent Garden. The Jones Family Affair is a Bistro-style independent restaurant and cocktail bar nestled in Covent Garden and a stone's throw from the famous Trafalgar Square. Keeping up with the...

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Mother’s Day 2022

We are celebrating Mother’s Day coming out of unprecedented times. A mother is the most precious person in our lives, they are worth more weight than gold! Maybe you have more than one 'mum' to buy for, and want to treat your stepparent, grandmother, career or a...

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Valentine’s Day 2022

Love is in the air. The time of the year when you can show someone how much you care. Lockdown is finally over, more than ever we have learned what truly matters. Make this valentine extra special to show the people in your life that we truly love them. Don’t wait to...

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Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Wow, what a year. light at and the end of the tunnel. Last year Christmas was canceled! This year Christmas will be bigger and much better. Families will be finally together celebrating new additions, friendships, and newly created bonds. I have put together a...

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John Bell & Croyden

Wigmore St London John Bell & Croyden is the heart of wellbeing and a health Oasis, nested in historic and yet trendy Marylebone Village, London.  This institution roots from 1978 as the official Pharmacists to Her Majesty the Queen, its quality and longevity...

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