Celebrate your husband, dad, grandpa or another father figure in your life.

Father’s Day is a day of honouring fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the influence father figures have on our lives, they are the pillar of society and our homes. I have put together the ultimate gift guide to show fathers in our life that they are very special.

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01+ Mandarin

Your father deserves the very best this Father’s Day for the minimalist father. A fragrance, which combines art + science – Developed by enfant terrible of the fragrance world – globally celebrated ‘nose’ Geza Schoen – this perfume blends the subtlety and potency of Iso E Super with Mandarin.

It delivers an instant hit of zestiness, opening with a juicy burst of mandarin that radiates to elevate your mood. Fruity and aromatic, it offers an intense initial freshness that evolves towards the mellow, woody warmth of ‘Iso E Super’ – changing its nature from vividly clean to addictively musky as mandarin dissipates resulting in chic, elevated (and genderless) simplicity.

W: Molecule 01+ Mandarin.

BDK Parfum Sel d’Argent:

For the travel lover opening with notes of Italian bergamot, salted accord and grapefruit, Sel D’Argent eau de parfum is irresistibly mesmerising with undertones of ylang-ylang, cashmeran and white musk evoking late afternoons spent under the fading light, with the sea air stirring up the freshness of summer nights.

BDK Parfum

W: BDK Parfum Sel d’Argent.

STOW Leather Valet Tray

For the organised: Keeps accessories organised stylishly and packs flat for travel. Consciously designed for a bedside table where space is limited,  it holds a watch, necklace, or bracelet. Perfect for at home or away,  a stylish leather accessories holder wherever you are in the world.

Stow Leather Valet Tray

W: STOW Leather Valet Tray.

Elixseri Rescue Diver Serum

For the high-tech skincare, lover Gives skin an instant and lasting hydration boost through hyaluronic acid combined with plant extracts obtained through sustainable green biotech. 

Elixseri Rescue

W: Elixseri Rescue Diver Serum.


For the hair obsessed: The first patented 100% natural hair activator for thicker, stronger hair growth. 


W: Natucain.

Wild Beauty from Rhug Estate Protecting Day Cream with Blue Tansy:

For the sustainably conscious Looks after your skin whilst also looking after the environment – it is one of the most certified, and most sustainable brands on the market.

Wild Beauty from Rhug Estate

W: Wild Beauty from Rhug Estate.  

Laboratorio Olfattivo Tonkade

For the fun lover: Inspired by dancing –  a warm heart of Cedar, Vanilla and Patchouli announces a background characterised by dry amber woods that, combined once again with the coils of the Tonka Bean, make this fragrance intriguing and mysterious. It’s addictive.

Laboratorio Olfattivo Tonkade

W: Laboratorio Olfattivo Tonkade.

Lifejacket Skin Protection

Twice as many UK men as women die from skin cancer. Men aren’t good at protecting their skin and checking for anomalies. If they find a new or changed mole or spot, they often leave it too late for diagnosis.

That’s why Life Jacket Skin Protection has teamed up with the charity Melanoma UK to educate men on how to easily prevent this common type of cancer. Give your dad the gift of skin protection this Father’s Day. Through high-performing products that look, smell and feel good, LifeJacket aims to stop male skin cancer by encouraging more men to protect their skin. LifeJacket products are engineered for male wellbeing across all ages – from young dads to grandads. 

UK men are almost twice as likely to die of skin cancer than women. Male skin cancer cases have exploded over the past 20 years and they are forecast to double over the next 20. It’s down to the simple fact that not enough men check their skin or protect it when outside – and if they do, they don’t do it year-round. 

LifeJacket’s skin care range is lightweight, water-resistant, reef-safe and cruelty free and non-greasy – all without compromising on safety, protection and performance. 

W: LifeJacket Skin Protection

Made by Coppers

‘Sleepy Head’ sleep spray and ‘Zen’ is a great wellness product for men which helps you drift off into a blissful, natural night’s sleep. Trusted by thousands of customers for relaxation. This year has been tough on many men home working and dealing with the trials from the pandemic the sleep spray is perfect for full relaxation.

Made by Coppers Zen

Zen Room & Pillow Sleep Spray

Quieten your mind and ease into a Zen state for a peaceful night’s sleep, made with Mandarin, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Vetiver and Cardamon.

W: Zen Room & Pillow Sleep Spray

Sleepy Head Room & Pillow Sleep Spray

The ‘Sleepy Head’ sleep spray helps you drift off into a blissful, natural night’s sleep, made with Lavender, Frankincense and Chamomile.

W: Sleepy Head Room & Pillow Sleep Spray

Sleepy Head & Room

Noble Macmillan

This father’s day get your Father leather goods handmade in England with same day personalisation. They are loved by celebrities including Gok Wan, Kristy Gallacher, Emma Bunton, Chris Evans and Laura Whitmore.

Phone Bank in Navy

This leather case holds a 2200mAh rechargeable charger. It is suitable for phones, cameras, tablets. music players and game players. It comes with a charging cord. Engrave with your name so everyone knows it is yours!

Phone Bank

This leather case holds a 2200mAh rechargeable charger. It is suitable for phones, cameras, tablets. music players and game players. It comes with a charging cord. Engrave with your name so everyone knows it is yours!

W: Phone Bank in Navy.

Chelsea Leather Cufflink Box

This beautifully finished cufflink box is handmade in our Spanish workshop using butter-soft calf leathers. Ideal for jewellery or cufflinks. It looks great on a dressing table but equally smart in your suitcase and is a brilliant present for husbands and godchildren alike. Why not personalise the top of the lid with initials or a name to make it even more unique.

W: Chelsea Leather Cufflink Box.

Stem & Glory’s new vegan ready meals delivered to your door 

For vegan, flexitarian or vegan-curious dads, the new range consists of finish-at-home ready meals, such as their popular Swede Gnocchi, Glorious Bourguignon, and innovative pizzas, and recipe kits such as Stem & Glory’s trademark Kimchi Pancakes and Activated Charcoal Fettuccine with Mushroom ‘Scallops’.

W: Stem & Glory’s new vegan ready meals.