Which Sleep Animal Are You?

Many of us are familiar with the terms ‘early bird’ or ‘night owl’ but did you know that there are four main types of sleep animal that most of us fit into? Are you a Bear, Lion, Dolphin, or Wolf?

Each animal corresponds with a sleep chronotype, which is how people sleep. Our internal body clock, or circadian rhythm, varies between individuals, meaning some animals are more active or wakeful at different times of the day.

Dolphins are light sleepers who may suffer from insomnia, and lions are early risers with lots of energy who often feel exhausted by early evening. Whereas bears follow the sunrise and sunset and need eight hours sleep, wolves have a hard time getting up early and are most active at night.

Knowing your chronotype can not only boost your productivity, but it can also tell you the best time to eat, sleep, work, exercise, drink coffee or alcohol.

Take the quiz to find out your sleep animal – and discover expert tips to adjust your sleep schedule to suit your unique biological rhythm.

Which Sleep Chronotype Animal Are You?

There are four types of sleep chronotype animals you should know about – these are a Bear, Lion, Dolphin, and Wolf. Everyone has an individual sleep-wake-productivity pattern over 24 hours – a natural inclination to want to sleep, wake up and get things done at certain times of day. Each of these sleep chronotype animals corresponds with a certain type of person and their activity levels. Not everyone runs on the same “biological time”, so getting to grips with your body’s internal clock [commonly known as your circadian rhythm] by understanding what your own sleep chronotype is can be the first step in improving your sleep. So, take our quiz to find out what your own sleep chronotype animal is – and to discover top tips of how best to work with your body’s natural clock to not only boost your productivity but to better understand your body’s needs.

Quiz : Which Sleep Animal Are You?

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  • I have a really bad sleep routine aka every day I swear I’ll go to bed earlier but every night I end up going way past midnight which is so baaad for a gal who has to be up at 5 am. I got ‘The Dolphin’ so apparently I was built to be a bit restless at night and tired during the day.

  • It’s eye-opening to realize how our sleep patterns can impact our overall well-being. I like the fact that the quiz doesn’t just label us; it provides actionable advice tailored to our ‘sleep animal’ type.

  • My result, ‘The Lion,’ felt uncannily accurate, shedding light on my unique sleep challenges. I’m a lion, a power napper, I can’t function without my afternoon sleep which works for me since I started WFH but before that it was a huge hassle, I felt like I would fall asleep on my desk. Apparently my quick snooze habits were spot on.

  • Krakentalkinger

    Such a great quiz it changed the way I sleep

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