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Welcome to Bump to Baby: A Heartfelt Journey from Pregnancy to Parenthood

Welcome to Bump to Baby, a space dedicated to celebrating the unique journey of pregnancy and the beautiful transition into parenthood. We understand the joys and challenges that come with expecting a baby, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Whether you are an expectant mother navigating the wonders of pregnancy or searching for thoughtful gifts to support a loved one, our latest blog post offers a curated gift guide featuring some of the most exciting brands tailored to meet the needs of expectant mothers. From luxurious pampering products to practical essentials, each item is carefully selected to enhance the pregnancy experience and celebrate the arrival of a new life.

Join us at Bump to Baby as we explore the perfect gifts to make this extraordinary time even more special.

Pregnancy Products

Pregnancy & Recovery

My Expert Midwife has developed a range of pregnancy products that offer solutions for common pregnancy ailments and needs. These products are designed to support you at every stage of your pregnancy journey, providing relief and comfort when you need it most.

    • No Harm Nipple Balm:

      This balm can be used as a massage balm for expressing milk. It helps prevent sores, cracks, or any discomfort and is made from coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and protective medical-grade lanolin, which doesn’t produce a strange taste or smell for the baby.


    • Marvellous Massaging Stick:
      This massaging stick helps relieve tension during pregnancy and labor. Its mess-free applicator provides texture and gentle pressure during massages.


    • Fantastic Skin Elastic Serum:
      This serum soothes and hydrates tight, itchy, or stretched skin, offering relief and nourishment to tired, stretched, or scarred skin post-birth. It contains argan oil, antibacterial geranium oil, and soothing grapefruit oil.


    • Spritz for Bits Perineal Spray:
      Designed to prevent stinging during the first post-birth urination, this spray can also heal scars, including those from C-sections, and ease irritation from hemorrhoids/piles.


  • No Harm Bum Balm:
    This balm treats dry areas on babies with its natural formulation of protective medical-grade lanolin, sweet almond oil, and calendula, perfect for nappy rashes or any sore or damaged skin.

Explore more at: My Expert Midwife

Spa Ceylon offers award-winning luxury Ayurveda products. Start your journey of Ayurveda discovery with their trio of intense pacifying formulas blended with powerful Ayurveda herbs and potent essential oils to promote restful sleep.

Discover more at: Spa Ceylon


7th Heaven ‘Pamper Hamper’ Skincare Gift Set is the perfect treat for some me-time. This set includes popular mud and easy peel-off masks to pamper your skin. It features a coconut hair masque with nourishing ingredients that strengthen and volumize hair.

Find out more at: 7th Heaven


BlueIron offers an iron supplement made with Nordic blueberries picked in the wild. One dose provides the full recommended daily intake of iron, reducing tiredness and fatigue while supporting the immune system.

Learn more at: BlueIron

BioGaia provides high-quality probiotic supplements for both adults and babies, supporting your immune system with live bacteria and vitamin D. Their products include:

  • BioGaia Protectis D+:

    Probiotic tablets with an extra high dose of vitamin D.
  • BioGaia Gastrus:

    An advanced adult probiotic with 200 million live bacteria per tablet.
  • BioGaia Protectis Baby Drops:

    A trusted, multi-award-winning probiotic supplement for babies.

Explore their range at: BioGaia

Mum and Baby Skincare Products

Organii offers gentle and effective skincare products for babies and children:

Fresh Foam Bath and Shampoo: Ideal for sensitive skin, this product cleanses while softening, protecting, and soothing.

Nourishing Baby Cream: Quick-absorbing and formulated with organic chamomile extract and shea butter to nourish and protect delicate skin.

Fresh Scented Water: Alcohol-free scented water with organic extracts to keep skin fresh and calm.

Protective Nappy Cream: Soothes and heals sensitive skin with calendula extract, sunflower seed oil, and zinc oxide.

Softening Dry Baby Oil: Fast-drying oil for baby massage, formulated with organic sweet almond oil and calendula extract.

Discover more at: Organii

Balmonds creates natural skincare products that soothe and moisturize sore skin, perfect for mamas and their babies. Their products are free from petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, and parabens.

Learn more at: Balmonds

Sudocrem is a household staple known for its ability to soothe and protect delicate skin from dry patches and irritation, making it ideal for treating nappy rash, acne, eczema, and sunburn.


Find out more at: Sudocrem

Hair Care for Pregnancy & Postpartum

Manta Hair offers a range of products designed to glide through hair, minimizing breakage and maximizing shine with their patented FLEXGUARD technology.

Discover more at: Manta Hair

Paul Mitchell provides sulfate-free, hydrating shampoo that replenishes moisture and deeply hydrates hair with their HydraTriplex™ blend.

Explore their products at: Paul Mitchell

WeKind has developed a unique hair care system designed for pregnancy and postpartum periods, ensuring healthy hair during these major bodily changes. Their products include:

  • Nourish Pregnancy Shampoo & Conditioner: Formulated with ginger to combat nausea and grapefruit to boost energy, containing Betaine and Apricot Oil for strength and moisture.
  • Rebuild Postpartum Shampoo & Conditioner: Supports hair growth with Biotin and Rosemary Leaf Extract, enriched with Betaine and Jojoba Oil for strength and rejuvenation.Discover their range at: WeKind

Must-Have Gadgets, Baby Essentials, and Household Items

Solenco offers a specialist air purifier for baby’s bedroom or nursery, promoting better sleep by cleaning the air and providing a soothing night light. This product has been recognized in Good Housekeeping’s best air purifiers review.

Learn more at: Solenco

Didofy provides stylish and affordable strollers and travel systems. The Aster stroller is perfect for family travel, offering reliable, safe, and practical solutions for parents on the go.

Discover more at: Didofy

Bona Premium Spray Mop is an effective and sustainable choice for keeping hard-surface floors clean. This noiseless mop is perfect for quick tidy-ups, especially during the weaning stage.

Explore this product at: Bona

Jellycat Moon Soother offers a beautifully textured cream fur moon with a soft soother, perfect for newborns, making it a delightful gift for new parents.

Learn more at: Jellycat

Nanobebe has developed baby bottles and accessories in collaboration with lactation consultants and paediatricians to ensure a smooth transition to bottle feeding. Their range includes:

  • Flexy Silicone Baby Bottle: Known for its anti-colic design and familiar mum-like softness.
  • Pacifiers & Teethers: Designed to provide comfort and support for babies.

    Explore their products at: Nanobebe

At Bump to Baby, we cherish the journey from pregnancy to parenthood. Our curated gift guide is designed to support and celebrate this extraordinary time, offering thoughtful and practical products that make every moment special. Join us in making the transition from bump to baby a joyous and memorable experience.


  • It’s a never ending race and in the end, guess what, you end up having way too much stuff, from clothes to the latest gadgets. Been there, done that, with both kids #lessonnotlearned

  • Gabrielle

    That air purifier is sooo cute, we have a very basic, white one, can’t stand it. Will check it out, thx for the tip.

  • I would also add a breast pump to the list, it makes it a whole lot easier, believe me. I also had a wireless one, such a time saver!

  • I’m in the research phase, right now I feel like adding everything to cart, I hate feeling unprepared and this is where I’m at rn. So much info, so many products, so many needs to cover… is it THAT obvious that I’m a first time mother?

  • Anything that you can use to hydrate your belly, get it. It won’t guarantee you won’t get stretchmarks, but it sure will help. I oiled my bell three times a day, girlfriends said I was mad, but I swear, I have the driest skin known to man and I just wanted to know I did my part. I barely have two thin stretch marks so I must have been doing something good.

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