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  • Rene deserves praise in her own right as a singer/songwriter. Her voice is passionate and mature, her words heartfelt. – Guardian

Rene has a beautiful romantic & soulful voice, and the tracks she has chosen for her new release make relaxing late-night listening. – QUBE from Quintessentially

    We find the Rene Byrd brand really interesting, especially the business approach used when cross branding with her sponsors. Rene is an inspiration to other up and coming independent artists. – PRS (UK copyright Collection Society for Songwriters)

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"Never Never Never' Press Release

Rising singer Rene Byrd has achieved a long held dream to record a duet with one of her childhood musical heroes, the late, great Reggae superstar John Holt and is now gearing up to release the single, "Never Never Never'.

Introduced to John Holt's music by her parents, Rene hit upon the idea of writing to him to see if he would record with her on the album she was making.

Rene says, "My love for John Holt developed as a young girl. My parents used to play his music a lot and, as a result I became familiar with his songs, particularly "Never Never Never'. As I got older, one of my goals was to record a single with him, so you can imagine how I felt when that dream was realised when introduced by the owner of G MaG magazine. Not only did I record a single with him, I recorded my favourite song from his album '1000 Volts Of Holt'".

Hailing from London, Rene Byrd is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist whose music is a unique and memorable blend of Soul, Pop and R&B - an offshoot of her Gospel roots as the niece of Bishop John Francis, the internationally renowned church leader and founder of UK church denomination Ruach Ministries.

Rene has performed in a number of venues including the world famous club Annabel's in London's Mayfair and has travelled overseas with a last visit to Lithuania where she performed with the Lithuanian Prime Minister in attendance. Rene is also an official ambassador of "The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund' a role she feels honoured to be asked to do.

"Never Never Never' was recorded at Stingray Recording Studios with musical contributions from Mafia & Fluxy; the string arrangement was composed by Howard Francis and was mixed by Carlton Ogilvie aka Bubblers and Tez-Lee from Dreamboxx Productions.

Digital Release Date 30th November 2015

For more information contact:
Melissa Sinclair on +44 (0)7947 477 628 –
Medina Williamson on +44 (0)20 7504 1292 / +44 (0)7512 899 547 –